Monday, October 12, 2009

Spread the joy of the Christmas season

Christmas is the season for happiness and good cheer. So go ahead, keep the tradition going and decorate your home with outdoor lighting. As you begin putting everything together, the spirit of the holidays will creep in and before you know it, you’ll be very glad you decided to use outdoor lighting again this year. Don’t forget the nice little solar lights. These are energized by sunlight and take no electrical energy at all. That’s a great idea for a tight budget. There are giant inflatable character that the kids love, and they may be on sale. Just have fun!

Practical, energy efficient lighting is key

In keeping with staying on a budget there are great many different LED lighting choices . The new rope lights, for example, emit about 50% less heat than the older lights. These are available on spools of from 12 to 30 feet for ease in fitting your display. Wrap them around the trunk of trees or porch columns for a bright look, or decorate a lawn swing with a plastic Santa figure onboard. With the savings you’ll notice in your January light bill, it could mean adding a few more lights than last year, as long as they’re LED lights.

Use your imagination for something a little different

Look closely around your home for decorating ideas. Decorate something that you already have with rope lights or icicle lights. Farmers often decorate the shape of their tractors in racing lights. The wheels seem to be turning. Placing a plow in the display with some lights attached adds to the message that everyone at this farm is taking a holiday, including the equipment. The LED rope lights are very economical to use. 80% less energy is consumed than the older lights. There are icicle lights that are LED as well. They make a cheery addition to the edge of roofs.

Lighting even on a budget

Many will find they need to budget their Christmas spending this year and be somewhat frugal with their outdoor Christmas lighting. If you shop early enough, say a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, you may find bargains at the lighting stores. If you have a special display in mind, take some measurements with you and you’ll be told just how many lights you need to buy. Some wood carved lighted outdoor figures may be on sale, too, such as Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph. These are favorites of small children and are bright and cheerful. Check out the store’s inventory.

Saving Christmas 2009

The tanking economy, along with some lost jobs has caused a lot of stress this year. We’re seeing a little improvement, though, so let’s be courageous and put some fun and joy into Christmas 2009. You know how important it is to your family to continue the tradition of Christmas outdoor lighting. Just endeavor to be energy conscious and replace your old bulbs with new LED light bulbs. LED bulbs comes in all shapes and styles and come in colors or white. Visit your local outdoor lighting store for more great ideas.